• Image of Rare Makie doll footwear
  • Image of Rare Makie doll footwear

These are prototype shoes and boots that never made it to consumer production.

They're fully working and a very snug fit on 3DP legs.

Care needs to be taken, especially the cowboy boots, due to delicate areas or sharp parts (like the spurs).

The spur wheel of the cowboy boots is still attached to the cross bar but has been designed to detach with a bit of jiggling so that it spins freely whilst remaining on the boot (what a lovely touch!).

Some of these designs may have gone out to the early uptake of play-testers c2011/2012 but in the present I only have one each of these designs.

So if your Makie likes to dress to impress, he or she will be hard-pressed to find these out in the wild any more.