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Grouped together for the purposes of my shop listings, I've made the hands from the 'Handy' and 'Jazzy' bundles available individually for addition (or replacements) to your Makie accessories.
There are more left than right hands because in the early days they weren't made as pairs, and I have tried to be descriptive with some of the colours as you may have old Makies which need specific coloured parts (I'm sure my descriptions will be clear if your Makie has a distinctive hue, for example some early caramel Makies were almost terracotta or pinky red and the older white makies will have mellowed to an off white or yellowy white colour etc.)

There are even a sprinkling of pistachio coloured hands (a colour which was discontinued around 2014)

I have tried to include all the hands in the photos so, combined with the menu descriptions, I hope you find the style and colours you need.

Matched into colour and pose pairs for convenience, each option includes a left and right hand.

NB. There are only one or two of each paired option. There aren't really any traditional strawberry milk colour.

If a product says 'Cutie' it means the hands were designed for the injection moulded Makie arms (but will still fit 3DP dolls). The rest of the hands should fit all 3DP arms with a push & click. If you want them for the injection moulded dolls, a little wizz with a rotary tool (like a dremel) inside the socket will widen it nicely.

Image of Handy Hands for Makies -ballet book grip pointy
Handy Hands for Makies -ballet book grip pointy
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