• Image of Pair (and single) Default Makie Hands (m&f)
  • Image of Pair (and single) Default Makie Hands (m&f)

Lots of colours to choose from, sold in pairs or individuals.

I've colour matched pairs but always be aware that the nature of Makie dying (especially early Makies) varied per batch. Cool Caramel was especially variable so even though the hands will be the same colour, it may differ from your Makie. *

There is one pair of Pistachio colour left.
Also I have one pair of dark cocoa-bean male hands (and a single white) which are super rare unless you got one of the small percentage of male Makies in the first print run (that included boys) back in 2012/13

* If you find the hands are darker than your Makie it's often possible to lighten them with a brief dip in boiling water. Results vary.