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Here's a few cute items in various colour combos for your tech-loving Makies or similar sized toys.
Add your own 'screens' / paint effects to the phone and tablet for a bit of realism too!

Headphone options: Red or Purple
Tablet/iPad options: Black or grey
Smart Phone: Red only.

All authentic Makie items with the M logo on each item.

First edition 3D printed hook hand for Makie dolls.

This is an old design (white only) which will fit early Makie dolls' wrist pegs but will be too tight for the recent injection moulded pegs. Some modifying might be necessary (ie. widening the inner socket of the hook hand).
Arrrr...Shiver mi timbers!

NB. Reduced to £1.50 from the original list price to counter balance the postage costs in this category (ie the headcap and techster pack are bulkier to post, so part of the hooks value will be in that extra p&p cost)


This is awesome!
Designed to secrete both an SD card and a Memory stick in made-to-measure compartments, this special, one-off head cap could turn your Makie into a top secret hiding place for all your digital espionage.... or extra space for photos of course :P

It's designed for the older 'classic' sized heads, but I've put it on Vrinda, my 'Cutie' version Makie, and it works just as well with about 1mm of protrusion above the ears. Nothing her wig can't cover :)

Dating from about 2012 and found when I was clearing out the lab, this piece is now a slightly off-white. It was never made for production and may well have been an indulgence for one of the team, but I think it's totally in keeping with Makielab's original MO of digital-to-real and a happy union of technologies from the early days of the company.

One of a Kind.


No musical doll or toy would be complete without a ukulele and microphone!

The Uke is tiny and would suit smaller dolls too, and the Mic has a 'handy' slot in case your doll doesn't have a grip hand.

3D Printed by Makielab and ready to paint if desired.
NB Price reduced to £3.50 to counterbalance postage costs (see 'Hook Hand')

A limited item from the Winter collection of Makielab's first Christmas of trading.
For your adventurous 1:6 scale dolls.
3D Printed and ready to paint (or leave blank)
NB Reduced to £5 to counterbalance postage costs (see 'Hook Hand')


Where would we be without our computers?

..okay..well we'd still have our phones. But why not have it all for your Makie (or other dolls and toys)?

Ready to paint or leave blank this laptop has details from top to bottom. Have fun adding your own 'screen' too.

One laptop in the sale (four are pictured just to illustrate all angles).
NB Reduced to £3.50 to counterbalance postage costs (see 'Hook Hand')


iPad? Check!
Spade? Check!
Brush? Check!
Gizmo for the iPad? Check!

Whether your toys like to dig for bones or potter around the garden, having the tools to identify their diggings could be rather handy!

Maybe they're aspiring interior artists and need to paint the walls, 'bring the outside inside' with pot plants and like to render the layout digitally before committing galvanised steel to the bathroom ceiling..?!

Whatever your toys enjoy, this is a versatile little bundle which can be left plain or customised as you wish.


These are prototype boots that never made it to consumer production.

They're fully working and a very snug fit on 3DP legs.

Care needs to be taken due to delicate areas or sharp parts (like the spurs).

The spur wheel is still attached to the cross bar but has been designed to detach with a bit of jiggling so that it spins freely whilst remaining on the boot (what a lovely touch!).

This design may have gone out in the early uptake of play-testers c2011/2012 but in the present I only have one pair available.

So if your Makie likes to dress to impress, he or she will be hard-pressed to find these out in the wild any more.


~ currently sold out ~

  • FTP - Red Cans, Grey iPad, Phone
    2 in stock
  • FTP - Red Cans, Black iPad, Phone
    2 in stock
  • FTP - Purple Cans, Grey iPad, Phone
    0 in stock
  • FTP - Purple Cans, Black iPad, Phone
    2 in stock
  • Hook Hand
    0 in stock
  • Secret Memories Head-cap
    1 in stock
  • Songster Pack
    5 in stock
  • Winter Ice Pick
    1 in stock
  • Laptop
    0 in stock
  • Archaeology Techster Pack
    8 in stock
  • Makie Cowboy Boots
    0 in stock
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