• Image of Little Apple Doll 'Erro'
  • Image of Little Apple Doll 'Erro'
  • Image of Little Apple Doll 'Erro'

Here is Erro of the Little Apple Dolls range (series 2).
I'm making room in my dolly cupboard and, lovely as she is, she lives back in her box (which opens like a book) so I think she needs to be re-homed.

I've always loved the concept and aesthetic of these dolls (I even have a miniature one as a doll for my dolls) and had intended to 'tattoo' them in-keeping with the slightly spooky theme but couldn't bring myself to change their pure whiteness.

They have gorgeous little story books about living in The In-between (they live between life and death) and each has a face-mask and an Apple which comes with blunt pins to adorn it - NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN!

She has been removed from her box, but the early season dolls are quite hard to come by now. I believe a new season was out in the Spring?

They are roughly 13" tall and designed to hold the apple out in front of them.
Feel free to message me for more details if needed.

Edit: Just over 10% off for Halloween - was £45